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Let's Get Moving

I often hear people say that they have no vision.

At that point, I go wow, what an insult to God.

So in essence you are telling me that God was totally thoughtless

when He created you; really??

Everyone one that is alive and breathing has been given a vision for their life.

Too often I think that we determine if we have a vision based upon what is taking place at the moment.

So let's hash out the concept of a vision and how we can PINPOINT ours.

Many times on my way from the gym I listen to the Steve Harvey Morning show. If you listen to Steve you know that he starts his show off with what I call jokingly ” a sermonette- a mini sermon. The reason I say that is because whatever the topic , Steve is discussing he will always mention including God in your life and that I totally agree. Yep, because that's where I want to start this blog. Are you aware that vision comes from God alone? AHHH, so that distinguishes the difference between goals, dreams & desires.


1. Vision is an internal picture ( a photo dropped in you by God) of your external possibilities. REWIND- A VISION IS AN INTERNAL PICTURE OF ALL THAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF ACHIEVING IN YOUR LIFE TIME.

2. Vision is your internal blueprint of your unfinished house (unaccomplished aspirations).

3.Vision is the voice of your intuition.

How important is it to have a vision?

So important that a vision motivates you to get up every day- Proverbs 29:18.

Now that we recognize that we have a vision and how to identify your vision; LET'S GET MOVING.

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